Rob Lyons
science and technology director, Academy of Ideas; convenor, AoI Economy Forum

Rob Lyons is science and technology director at the Academy of Ideas and a columnist for spiked. He writes on a wide range of issues, but takes a particular interest in issues around the economy, environment, food, energy and risk. He is also convenor of the AoI Economy Forum.

Rob is author of Panic on a Plate: How society developed an eating disorder (2011). He has also written reports on sugar taxesthe impact of the smoking ban on pubs and the culture wars over nicotine and edited a survey of views from a wide range of commentators on the future of food. He is a frequent commentator on TV and radio.


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Does the world need a government?

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How can we create a new industrial revolution?

Sunday 3 November, 16:00 Auditorium 1
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Saturday 23 November, 15:45 University of Applied Sciences Europe, Dessauer Str. 3-5, 10963, Berlin
Genes, sex and sport: should Caster Semenya be allowed to compete?

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How can we deal with the climate emergency?