Battle of Ideas — 13 & 14 October 2018

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In a rapidly changing world, debating ideas matters more than ever. The Battle of Ideas festival, at The Barbican in London, provides a unique forum to discuss the big issues of our time. Find out more about our 2017 festival here. Battle of Ideas 2018 will be on 13 & 14 October and Early Bird tickets are now on sale.

Those who enjoy the comfort of conventional wisdom will find the Battle of Ideas a very unsafe space.
Nick Cater, executive director, Menzies Research Centre,
Australia; columnist, The Australian

2018 Sessions will include…

Is democracy in crisis?

The financial crisis 10 years on

Agri-revolution: can technology feed the world?

Automatic lovers: should we be worried about sex robots?

Have we defused the ‘Population Bomb’?

Do the right thing? The moral responsibility of the artist

Charities: has the halo slipped?

What is a woman anyway?

Is social media bad for mental health?

After the Windrush scandal: immigration and citizenship

From Hungary to Italy: what’s behind the new populism?

The Jordan Peterson effect: why are psychologists the new rock stars?

Should we be fighting a War on Plastic?

From consent apps to Tinder: the new sexual etiquette

Literature and cultural appropriation