Claire Fox
director, Academy of Ideas; author, I STILL Find That Offensive!

Claire Fox is the director of the Academy of Ideas (AoI), which she established to create a public space where ideas can be contested without constraint. She convenes the yearly Battle of Ideas festival and initiated the Debating Matters Competition for sixth-formers. She also co-founded the AoI’s residential summer school The Academy, with the aim to demonstrate ‘university as it should be’.

Claire is a panelist on BBC Radio 4’s The Moral Maze and is frequently invited to comment on developments in culture, education, media and free-speech issues on TV and radio programmes in the UK such as Newsnight and Any Questions? and regularly appears on Sky News’ evening paper review. Claire is a columnist for TES (Times Educational Supplement) and MJ (Municipal Journal). She is author of a book on free speech, recently republished as ‘I STILL Find That Offensive!’ (Biteback, 2018), and No Strings Attached! Why arts funding should say no to instrumentalism (Arts&Business, 2007).

Claire is involved at a board level in the international debate network, Time To Talk. In 2018, she did a three-month residency as a presenter of the weekly three-hour radio magazine show Fox News Friday on Love Sport Radio.

Follow Claire on Twitter @Fox_Claire.


Saturday 13 October, 09:30 Free Stage
Battle of Ideas 2018 Welcome Address

Saturday 13 October, 10:00 Cinema 1
From SJW to Gammon: weaponising political language

Saturday 13 October, 12:00 Cinema 1
Culture: who pays?

Saturday 13 October, 14:00 Cinema 1
All change: navigating the new political disruption

Saturday 13 October, 14:00 Cinema 2
Up in the air: the future of flying

Saturday 13 October, 16:00 Frobisher 1-3
Brexit on stage: can we only be friends with people like us?

Saturday 13 October, 16:00 Cinema 1
National identity and belonging: what does it mean to be a citizen?

Saturday 13 October, 17:30 Free Stage
Burqa battles

Saturday 13 October, 17:30 Frobisher Auditorium 1
Cross-examining UK rape laws

Saturday 13 October, 18:45 Conservatory
Festival Reception and Drinks

Sunday 14 October, 10:00 Cinema 1
Democracy under siege

Sunday 14 October, 12:00 Garden Room
Rule book Britain: are we in love with legislation?

Sunday 14 October, 14:00 Cinema 1
Identity crisis

Sunday 14 October, 16:00 Cinema 1
Is free speech a fiction? In conversation with Lionel Shriver

Sunday 14 October, 16:00 Level G Studio
The rise of the far-right: back to the Thirties?

Sunday 14 October, 17:30 Frobisher Auditorium 2
Humanity and nature… it’s complicated

Sunday 14 October, 17:30 Exhibition Hall 2
ME, ME, ME! Narcissism and the new politics of identity

Saturday 10 November, 14:00 STORM20, Stormgade 20, 1555 København V
What are the arts for?

Saturday 10 November, 15:45 STORM20, Stormgade 20, 1555 København V
Are we sanitising the city?