Neil Davenport
cultural critic; head of faculty of social sciences, JFS Sixth Form Centre

Neil Davenport has taught politics and sociology in a number of Further Education Colleges and Sixth Form in London for the past 17 years. Prior to this he had a background in consumer journalism and now writes mainly on politics and culture. He has written on such issues as welfarism, schooling and parenting, pubs and licensing laws, the UK riots, anti-materialist sceptics and the working class.

He has contributed a chapter called ‘The Rise and Rise of Credentialism’ to The Lecturers Guide to Further Education by Hayes, Turner and Marshall (Open University Press), and has contributed a chapter ‘Minorities, Multiculturalism and the Metropolitan Experience’ to The Future of Community by Clements, Donald, Earnshaw and Williams (Pluto Press).


Saturday 2 November, 17:30 Pit Theatre
Patriotism: the acceptable face of nationalism?