Manick Govinda
freelance arts consultant; former programme director, SPACE; former member, Mayor of London’s Cultural Strategy Group

Manick Govinda is part-time programme director for SPACE and a freelance arts consultant. He has worked closely with a range of artists for many years as a producer, advisor, mentor, strategist and fundraiser.

Manick was a member of the Mayor of London’s Cultural Strategy Group (2008-16) and former vice-chair of a-n The Artists’ Information Company. He is also a freelance writer and campaigner on free expression and on arts and freedom of movement issues. He is a fellow of the British American Project and a steering group member of the Manifesto Club, where he led the campaign against the UK government’s visa restrictions on non-EU artists and academics. He also helped co-found Artists for Brexit and the Pro-Brexit Creative Network.

All his opinions are his own and he speaks within a personal individual capacity.

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Sunday 14 October, 12:00 Pit Theatre
Decolonising society

Thursday 18 October, 21:30 Maus Hábitos, Rua Passos Manuel 178, 4º PISO, 4000-382 Porto, Portugal
The Empire strikes back? Post-colonialism and European culture