Manick Govinda
independent arts consultant; writer; former programme director, SPACE; former member, Mayor of London’s Cultural Strategy Group

Manick Govinda is a freelance arts consultant, and was formerly programme director at SPACE. He is an associate consultant for Counterculture LLP and has worked closely with a range of artists for many years as a producer, advisor, mentor, curator, strategist and fundraiser.

He is also a freelance writer and campaigner on free expression and on arts and freedom of movement issues. He has written for spiked, Index on Censorship and All In Britain. He runs arts campaigns for the Manifesto Club, where he led the campaign against the UK government’s visa restrictions on non-EU artists and academics. He also helped co-found Artists for Brexit and the Brexit Creatives.

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Saturday 2 November, 13:10 Frobisher 4-6
What makes good political art?

Sunday 3 November, 10:00 Frobisher 1-3
Arts and diversity: time to rewrite the canon?

Sunday 3 November, 12:00 Exhibition Hall 1
Individuals vs identities: can we move beyond ‘tribal’ politics?

Tuesday 12 November, 21:30 Maus Hábitos, Rua Passos Manuel 178, 4º PISO, 4000-382 Porto, Portugal
Can we deplore the artist, but love the art?