Kunle Olulode
director, Voice4Change England; creative director, Rebop Productions

Voice4Change England is a BME charity and support body. Its members number over 360 black community organisations and charities covering everything from criminal justice to migrant rights. In a recent appearance on the BBC’s Big Questions, Kunle defended Trevor Phillips’s assertion that British society was too afraid to talk about race. He hates the terms BME / BAMER and believes it’s time to develop a new narrative around race equality away from deficit models.

Kunle also has a long standing interest in arts development. As creative director of Anglo-Spanish arts group Rebop Productions alongside Aurelio Munoz he has provided live performance space for a host of British and American artists. Among the notables being The Roots, Beatnuts, the late Guru, Maxi Jazz, Eska, etc. Rebop’s support for performance artists and innovative thinkers now extends across two decades and includes founding the legendary WTF Jam sessions at the Jamboree Club Barcelona.

A keen film buff and film historian, he is known for his ground-breaking work on jazz and modernism in art presented as part of the Miro season at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 2012. Kunle was also one of the course conveners for the BFI BLACK STAR blockbuster season (October-December 2016).