James Heartfield
lecturer; author, The British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society: a history; co-author, The Blood-Stained Poppy

James Heartfield writes and lectures on British history and politics. He wrote The British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society: A History and The Equal Opportunities Revolution.

The Blood-Stained Poppy, written with Kevin Rooney, is due out this autumn.

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Saturday 29 September, 11:30 The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham, B2 5NY
Race, gender, class? Social diversity in the 21st century

Sunday 30 September, 09:45 Grosvenor Square
Walks ‘n’ Talks: London’s Vietnam War history

Saturday 13 October, 14:00 Level G Studio
Wilfred Owen 100 years on: what is war poetry good for?

Sunday 14 October, 13:10 Level G Studio
Time to question the poppy’s appeal?