Harry Miller
CEO and co-founder, Fair Cop; former constable, Humberside Police

Harry Miller is an entrepreneur, consultant, former constable in Humberside Police, and co-founder of Fair Cop. He and Rob Jessel set up the organisation in response to PC Gul’s call to ‘check his thinking’ following complaints about gender critical views expressed on social media. After lecturing Harry on lady brains accidentally growing the wrong body parts, Humberside Police slapped Harry with an ultra vires Criminal Record and warned him to limit future social media activity to posts about skateboarding donkeys. Ever the wilting violet, Harry –  ‘A hairy arsed docker’ (Daily Telegraph) who has led a ‘blameless life’ (James Kirkup, The Spectator) – told Humberside Police to go wash their socks before doubling down on tweets about gender, self ID, the erasure of sex based rights and The Thought Crime Police.

Fair Cop has since secured a Judicial Review at The High Court, during which both Humberside Police and the College of Policing will have their actions and guidance tested against the right to free political expression, as provided by The European Convention on Human Rights.

Harry’s  personal Twitter account, @HarryTheOwl, has been permanently suspended for failure to comply with pronoun tyranny.

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Saturday 2 November, 10:00 Conservatory
PC PCs: what is the modern police service for?