Harley Richardson
director of design and development, Discovery Education; organising committee, AoI Education Forum

Harley is a member of the Academy of Ideas Education Forum and has worked in education publishing for over 20 years. In his day job at Discovery Education, he has overseen the construction of a bilingual curriculum resources service available free to all pupils and teachers in Egypt. Harley is also working on a new platform for the Bafta award-winning Espresso service for primary schools.

Harley is a keen contributor to debates about education and a believer in the liberating power of knowledge. In his spare time he studies the history of education and has delivered several talks on the subject to researchED, Microsoft’s Education team, the Battle of Ideas, the East London Science School and the U3A. He is currently writing about the schools and universities that preceded the state system in England for a forthcoming Routledge book on the history of education.

Follow Harley on Twitter: @harleyrich


Saturday 2 November, 10:00 Frobisher 4-6
Artificial intelligence in schools: where’s the humanity?