David Axe
director, Invoke Democracy Now

David Axe is a founder member and now a director of the pro-Brexit, pro-democracy campaign group Invoke Democracy Now (IDN)

IDN was set up in the aftermath of the decision to leave the EU to counter the anti-democratic backlash that followed Britain’s largest ever electoral mandate. A backlash that seeks to undermine the legitimacy of the referendum result and in the process undermines democracy itself. IDN continues to make the case for the strengthening of the principle of popular sovereignty in our society and for the further extension of democracy.

David lives in London and works in financial services in the City. He is a father of two teenage children and regards the defence and extension of democracy as being the best way he can help young people, like them, secure their future.

Follow David on Twitter: @invokeDEMOCRACY


Saturday 13 October, 14:00 Pit Theatre
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