Ceri Dingle
director, WORLDwrite and WORLDbytes

Ceri Dingle is Director of WORLDwrite, a youth education charity which became known for its internationalism and campaigning slogan ‘Ferraris for all’. WORLDwrite campaigns for change using film and video through its online Citizen TV channel WORLDbytes.

Ceri set up WORLDwrite in 1994 and a free TV and film training facility for young people in 2008. She has assisted over 3,000 young people to produce over 1,000 challenging programmes in the past 10 years. She directed a series of five documentaries entitled Pricking the Missionary Position shot in Ghana, West Africa, and directed the film Sylvia Pankhurst: Everything is Possible on the lesser known suffragette heroine. Ceri co-directed WORLDwrite’s award winning film Every Cook Can Govern on the life and works of C.L.R James, which, completed in 2016 was made with over 200 volunteers. Before directing and editing the charity’s latest epic documentary on women, Ceri directed and edited 1917: Why the Russian Revolution matters to mark the Centenary of the revolution in 2017.

Before venturing into film Ceri toured young people across the globe, from the heart of the Amazon rain forest, to life with the families of Hiroshima bomb victims in Japan.

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