Strand: Future thinking

This strand looks at a variety of issues, from politics to new technology, where society faces new challenges and fresh ideas. With older political parties struggling, where will the new political movements come from and what will they stand for? That question is particularly pertinent in many states across Europe where the political establishment is in meltdown - so what's going on and what does the future hold? Air travel has become a microcosm of many wider issues in society. While flying has been 'democratised' in recent years thanks to budget airlines and cheap flights, how do we cope with the challenges that creates, from managing traffic to assuaging the concerns of those living under the flight paths? How do we get the benefits of flying while minimising the problems? Ten years on from the financial crisis, have the failings of traditional banking and financial services provided a space for the rise of new currencies freed from government control - and what are the implications for society as a whole?