Strand: Identity wars: Feminism after #MeToo


The anniversary of the introduction of women's suffrage 100 years ago reminds us that question of gender inequality have been around for a long time. Enormous progress has been made in relation to politics, the workplace and the family. But has there ever been a controversy with as wide an impact as the fallout from the revelations about Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein? The #MeToo hashtag became widely used around the world and gave new momentum to contemporary feminism. But with the focus on harassment and rape, is what modern feminists argue for really what women want - or bear any relation to the demands of feminists in the past? Is the truth that there is much to do to achieve equality, for example over equal pay? Has #MeToo created an unhelpful atmosphere in which to discuss the relationships between the sexes? Is it even appropriate anymore to talk about just two sexes? What does it mean to be a woman today?