Strand: Countercultural concerns

The protests of 1968 were a highpoint of opposition to the status quo. The old, boring, materialistic certainties of the postwar world would be overthrown in youthful revolt. While the impact on government was minimal - Richard Nixon was elected in the same year, for example - there is no doubt that the Sixties radicals had an important effect on politics and culture. What is their legacy today? Have the attitudes of the counterculture filtered through even to that last bastion of patriotism and discipline, the military? Fifty years on, what is today's counterculture? Could it mean the rise of the 'intellectual dark web', most famously associated with Jordan Peterson? Are the left-field artists of the past now the cultural elite, using their fame to comment and campaign on every facet of life? Or is there still a place for youthful campaigning, like the anti-firearms campaigns in the US?