Vanity Von Glow
internationally ignored superstar; cabaret performer; host, The Vanity Project

Vanity von Glow has spent a decade at the top as a cabaret tour-de-force and one of the UK’s most in demand drag queen stars. A singer, pianist and comic she also hosts an exciting new political talkshow, The Vanity Project, at the hClub in central London.

In the age-old tradition of drag her comedy can cut close to the bone with observations like ‘consent is a social construct’. Framing comedy as an antidote, not the cause of the world’s problems, the diva has been outspoken in her defence of free speech and the right to offend. In 2018, she came under fire for performing at free-speech rally, the Day For Freedom, after which she was targeted by a campaign to have her banned in venues nationwide and in Ireland. Vanity spent the subsequent year defying the would-be censors with performances at free-thinking stand-up night Comedy Unleashed, selling out solo shows at the Camden Underworld, Zebrano Soho and hClub Covent Garden and, in an unexpected departure, tearing up the stages of techno dungeons and sex clubs in Berlin. Now she hosts her own political talkshow in London which features guests such as Jonathan Pie and Brendan O’Neill for thought provoking and hilarious discussions on the big questions of the day.

Follow Vanity von Glow on Twitter: @vanityvonglo


Sunday 3 November, 17:30 Pit Theatre
What does it mean to be normal?