Vaggelis Georgiou
founder,; investigative journalist

Vaggelis Georgiou is an investigative journalist. He holds a BA degree in political science & history from Panteion University (Athens) and a Master’s degree on international relations & strategic studies from the same university. He has also attended the Professional Journalism School (Athens). Vaggelis has worked in various research institutes, lately in ISTAME (Institute of Strategic and Development Studies, Andreas Papandreou), primarily focusing on topics related to foreign policy. He has worked for the television broadcast Protagonistes (Mega Channel), Hot Doc (the Greek magazine that pubished Lagarde List), Huffpost Greece, ThePressProject, Illustrated History Magazine (the oldest history magazine in Greece), Lifo, and others. His recent research in the Service of Diplomatic and Historical Archives regarding The Role played by the EEC in the Cyprus Issue (1974-1981) was published in Foreign Affairs Magazine (Greek Edition). He is the founder of, a public intellectualism website.