Tanya Kekic
history and politics undergraduate, University of Warwick; writer, Warwick Congress

Tanya studies history and politics at the University of Warwick, and is currently on a year abroad in Utrecht. She is an aspiring writer and has written for Warwick Congress, a student-run society, on the importance of free speech. She attended this year’s Living Freedom, a residential school for young people interested in ideas relating to the past, present and future of freedom, and interned with the Battle of Ideas charity over the summer.


Saturday 2 November, 10:00 Garden Room
From domestics to banter: is anything private anymore?

Saturday 2 November, 12:00 Garden Room
Modern slavery: myth or reality?

Saturday 2 November, 12:00 Pit Theatre
Snowflakes or revolutionaries: what is the new student identity?