Tamara Barnett
head of office, Human Trafficking Foundation; co-chair of the care group, Minister’s Modern Slavery Strategy and Implementation Group

Tamara Barnett is head of office at the Human Trafficking Foundation and previously led the London-wide and European parliamentary work-streams. As part of her work in London she set up & coordinates the slavery ‘SPoC’/ network of 250 slavery champions across the statutory sector as well as the London Modern Slavery Leads (LMSL) Group for council slavery leads.

She sits on the Minister’s Modern Slavery Strategy and Implementation Group (MSSIG) and Co-Chairs the MSSIG Victim Care Group  as well as sitting on the London Mayor’s Slavery Board.

With the Anti-Slavery London Working Group she produced best practice protocols for frontline staff in local authorities; and has also helped draft CAB’s Human Trafficking Guide; wrote a report for the Romanian Parliamentary Anti-trafficking Group’s annual report on victim returns as well as a chapter for Palgrave’s International Trafficking Handbook. Tamara previously worked in research and communications including writing reports on exploitation and sex work at the Greater London Authority – ‘Silence on Violence’ and ‘Shadow City’. She sat on ACPO’s (NPCC’s) Prostitution Group and also presented oral evidence for the Modern Slavery Bill.

Follow Tamara on Twitter: @Tamara__Barnett


Saturday 2 November, 12:00 Garden Room
Modern slavery: myth or reality?