Susan Edwards
professor of law; director of external relations, University of Buckingham; author, Sex and Gender in the Legal Process

Susan Edwards is a professor of Law, barrister/human rights lawyer, feminist legal scholar and activist. She is a member of Stop the War Coalition, Amnesty International, Peace and Progress, the Bar Human Rights Committee and has worked with many NGO organisations worldwide, including USA (Coalition Against Trafficking in Women), in Europe – Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation, Africa and the Middle East and has lectured internationally. She is known for her book Sex and Gender in the Legal Process. She has tirelessly campaigned for reform on homicide and written extensively on gender, race, sexual offences, human rights, crime, etc, sole authoring over 200 articles and several books.

Her book Women on Trial was nominated for the American Criminological Association prize. More recently publishing ‘The strangulation of Female Partners’ Criminal Law Review 2015, 12, 949-966, and ‘Coercion and compulsion – re-imagining crimes and defences’, Criminal Law Review 2016, 12, 876-899, as well as numerous writings on the niqab and hijab, on counter terrorist laws and the challenge to human rights. She is a Speaker on ‘Islam and Feminism’ Maslaha

She has practiced in criminal and civil cases in England and Wales, is an expert witness and has given expert opinion in cases involving domestic violence and the niqab in court. A regular contributor to Sky News, Susan has been interviewed about Alison Saunders DPP stepping down (and non-disclosure and funding), on rape non-disclosure, on International Women’s Day for The Debate and on consent classes. Susan was also a contributor on Clive Anderson BBC Radio 4 – Unreliable Evidence on violence and was a speaker at the Battle of Ideas 2015 on ‘Rape Culture: Myth or Menace‘.

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