Sue White
professor of social work, University of Sheffield; co-author, Blinded by Science

Sue White is professor of social work at the University of Sheffield. She is a registered social worker and was employed as a practitioner and manager for 12 years in statutory children’s services before becoming an academic. Her academic background is in sociology. Her research has focused principally on the detailed analysis of everyday professional decision-making in child health and welfare, particularly examining its moral aspects and the way evidence is perceived and used. She has completed a number of influential studies.

Sue’s recent research, funded by the National Institute for Health Research, focused on designing safer systems for the detection of children at risk presenting in secondary health settings, based on a thorough understanding of human and social factors. Sue is currently conducting international research on social workers’ understandings of family complexity in a range of countries and also the impacts of technological biology on social policy and public discourse. She has written widely on the implications for policy and practice of biological levels of analysis.

Sue is co-author, with David Wastell, of Blinded by Science: Social Implications of Neuroscience and Epigenetics (Policy Press, 2017).