Steve Roberts
company director; former surface worker in the coal industry

Steve Roberts has been married for 43 years and has two daughters and three grandchildren. He had no career but an extremely wide ranging working life, from an Operating Theatre Technician to the director of the small family import business, and much more in between. Steve worked for 10 years as a surface worker in the coal industry, where his political life began during the miners’ strikes of 1984/85. Steve says this was a defining moment in the history of the working class, the consequences of which continue to shape politics today.

Steve says that the battles for democracy have taken on a different form today in the Brexit debate, which is about the very essence and meaning of democracy. He believes that the British Left, traditionally on the side of democracy, has taken sides against Brexit, against the people of this nation and against democracy.


Sunday 3 November, 12:00 Auditorium 1
From picket line to polling booth: what does class mean today?