Steve Richards
broadcaster; political commentator; presenter, BBC Radio 4’s Week in Westminster; author, The Rise of the Outsiders

Steve Richards is one of Britain’s leading political commentators and broadcasters. He writes columns for the Guardian, Independent and FT. He presents BBC Radio 4’s Week in Westminster and has presented BBC series on Blair, Cameron, Miliband and Corbyn. In January 2018 he wrote and presented a series on David Cameron, The Cameron Years. He also presented an award winning BBC TV series on Modern Prime Ministers and Leadership, during which he uniquely delivered unscripted talks to camera for thirty minutes in one take. He is a regular commentator on BBC and Sky News. He is currently preparing a major a BBC Radio 4 series: The Road to Brexit.

His latest book The Rise of the Outsiders is published by Atlantic. His previous book Gordon Brown and New Labour was shortlisted for the Orwell Prize.

Follow Steve on Twitter: @steverichards14