Steve Rayson
co-founder and director, Anders Pink; researcher, politics, communication, social media and political podcasts

Steve is a researcher and serial entrepreneur. He was the co-founder and Managing Partner of Kineo, a global e-learning company, and co-founder of BuzzSumo, a social media data company. At BuzzSumo Steve led research into the content that gains engagement on social media, including an annual analysis of 100m headlines to explore the phrases that resonate with people on social media and an analysis of one billion Facebook posts to understand the types of posts that gain most engagement. Steve was responsible for producing an annual content trends report that highlighted social engagement trends and the impact of changes such as Facebook algorithm updates.

Most recently Steve has returned to University studying political communication at LSE, where he has undertaken research on the growth of political podcasts. This research has included a major audience survey to explore who listens to political podcasts.

Steve is also a co-founder and Director of Anders Pink, a news curation application that creates customised news briefings based on content that is resonating with audiences from electric cars to Brexit.

Follow Steve on twitter: @steverayson


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