Sophie Walker
leader, Women's Equality Party

Sophie Walker is leader of the Women’s Equality Party, Britain’s first feminist political party formed in 2015 to speed up the glacial pace of change and put women’s rights at the top of the agenda. In 2016 she ran for London Mayor on a manifesto to close the city’s 23 percent pay gap and lack of affordable childcare and won 1 in every 20 votes cast. In 2017 she contested the seat of ‘men’s rights activist’ MP Philip Davies after he filibustered a bill to end violence against women and girls, and helped to halve his constituency majority. Sophie recently won 90% of the votes cast by members and supporters in the Party’s first leadership election. A former Reuters correspondent of 20 years, Sophie came to politics via disability campaigning and activism when her daughter was diagnosed with autism. Sophie is also an ambassador for the National Autistic Society and for IncludeMEtoo, supporting disabled children and their families from diverse backgrounds.

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