Shiv Malik
journalist; author, Jilted Generation: How Britain has Bankrupted its Youth

From 2010-2016, Shiv Malik worked for the Guardian as one of the paper’s investigative correspondents. Filing front page stories on everything from cabinet office leaks to exclusive internal ISIS documents, Malik also led that paper’s landmark project on Millennials in 2016.

In 2010 he co-authored the cult book Jilted Generation: How Britain has Bankrupted its Youth. He is also on the board of campaigning group Generation Rent and is a co-founder of the think thank the Intergenerational Foundation, which seeks to find solutions to economic imbalances between those of different age groups in society.

In 2008 he was involved in a landmark court battle with the Greater Manchester police to protect his sources. He is the author of the forthcoming book, The Messenger (Faber) both about that case and also how journalists cope with being betrayed by confidants.

He is currently writing a book on economics in a post-globalised world.