Dr Shalini Sinha
lecturer in non-Western philosophy, department of philosophy, University of Reading; author

Shalini Sinha teaches global philosophy at the University of Reading. A late convert to philosophy, she has previously taught at the Universities of York and London (SOAS). Her teaching interests range from Indian and Chinese to Indigenous and Islamic philosophies and, in particular, the application of cross-cultural approaches to global issues of indigenous and postcolonial justice, political movements, gender, capital and environment.

Shalini’s research and writing focus on Buddhist and Indian philosophy and on wider issues in cross-cultural philosophy. She dabbles occasionally in public philosophy, such as a recent TV series on cross-cultural philosophy, Food for Thought. She is the author of several texts, including the forthcoming ‘Śāntideva and Candrakīrti: constructed persons, performative selves’ in Amber Griffioen and Marius Backmann’s book Pluralizing Philosophy’s Past: New Reflections in the History of Philosophy (Palgrave Macmillan).


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