Riham Mansour
trade policy expert; former community and welfare officer, LSE Students’ Union (2016-2017)

Riham Mansour is a trade policy expert focused on financial products to support UK trade and exports. Prior to this, she completed her Master’s at LSE in international political economy. Her work aims to facilitate trade among global regions to promote successful interactions. She has worked on international trade in the forestry, agriculture, health, and engineering sectors.

She has diverse experience through work in embassies, consultancies, NGOs, universities and international networks. Her portfolio consists of work experience in Canada, Denmark, Australia and the UK.

Riham has publicly advocated for minority politics through her position as community and welfare officer at the LSE Students’ Union from 2016-2017. As an individual, she strives to promote representation for people of colour, youth, and women, and focuses on political engagement. She has done this through publications on women in politics, and represents Canada within the Euro-Atlantic Security Group at the Younger Generation Leaders Network.