Rebecca Reid
digital editor, Grazia; author, Perfect Liars and The Power of Rude

Rebecca Reid is the digital editor at Grazia, an author and a feminist. She was formerly a columnist for the Telegraph online and a features writer. She regularly contributes to a wide variety of publications including the Independent, Marie Claire, the Guardian, Glamour, the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Telegraph, and the New Statesman. She appears regularly on Sky News, Good Morning Britain, Channel 5 News, BBC Radio and LBC and has previously appeared on Women’s Hour and This Morning.

Her first novel, Perfect Liars, was published this year. In 2020, Rebecca is publishing her second novel, Truth Hurts and a non-fiction book, The Power of Rude. She lives in Kentish Town with her husband.

Follow Rebecca on Twitter: @RebeccaCNReid


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