Raanan Gillon
emeritus professor of medical ethics, Imperial College London; president, Institute of Medical Ethics

Professor Raanan Gillon is a retired NHS GP and a retired but still active academic in the field of medical ethics. He is past chairman and now president of the Institute of Medical Ethics and a member of the British Medical Association’s Medical Ethics Committee and also on its International Committee. He was editor of the Journal of Medical Ethics for 20 years until 2001.  On end of life issues he states “I would not normally find myself lined up with right to lifers, the Pope and President Trump – but on the Charlie Gard case  there I was, being  asked to join ‘Charlie’s Army’ after I gave an interview on the PM programme arguing that in this particular case it was ethically preferable- and should have been  legally acceptable- to leave the decisions about Charlie’s best interests and how to pursue them to Charlie’s parents. I still think so and on this panel I’ll argue my case!”