Professor Katarzyna Kosmala
chair in media, culture and visual arts, University of the West of Scotland; co-editor, Precarious Spaces: The Arts, Social and Organizational Change

Professor Kosmala is chair in culture, media and visual arts, R&E Development Lead for Culture and Creativity at the School of Media, Culture and Society, a curator, and art writer. She was previously visiting research fellow at GEXcel, Institute of Thematic Gender Studies, Linköping University & Örebro University, Sweden, and a visiting professor at the Getulio Vargas Foundation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Professor Kosmala researches and writes on aspects of construction and representation of gender and identity politics, visual arts, discourses of creative and cultural labour, heritage and participation, alternative forms of organizing, art facilitated interventions in peripheral locations in the context of a globalising network society, as well as art production and enterprise. She also writes regularly about video and new media art in international journals and catalogues. She was recently involved in the project Curating Europes’ Futures and currently leads Research Network: Regeneration and Waterfront Heritage Zones in Northern Europe. She lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland.