Elizabeth Robertson
professor and chair of English language, University of Glasgow; author, Chaucerian Consent: women, religion and subjection in Late Medieval England

Professor Elizabeth Robertson is professor of medieval literature and chair of English language at the University of Glasgow and co-founder of the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship (founded in 1986). Elizabeth has published books and articles on gender and religion and on literary form in medieval literature from early to late medieval literature.

Elizabeth’s collection of essays, Representing Rape in Medieval and Early Modern Literature, has generated numerous conference sessions on the topic of rape in the early periods and she is just now completing a book on consent called Chaucerian Consent: Women, Religion and Subjection in Medieval England which includes consideration of the effect of the Church’s formulation of the doctrine of consent to marriage on the development of late medieval rape law and on our present understandings of the meaning of consent.

Among the other topics Elizabeth considers are the heated discussions in parliament (in the period in which it was first formed) concerning the increase of rape especially among the aristocracy and the nature of the document that releases the canonical fourteenth-century author Geoffrey Chaucer from a charge of rape.