Phil Smith
author, A Footbook of Zombie Walking; writer and performance-maker; associate professor, Plymouth University

Phil Smith is an associate professor (reader) at Plymouth University. He is a performance-maker, writer and ambulatory researcher, specialising in creating performances related to walking, site-specificity, mythogeographies and counter-tourism. He is a core member of site-based arts collective Wrights & Sites, presently working on a new publication, The Architect-Walker. He is company dramaturg for TNT (Munich).

Phil is at present developing a ‘common dance for threatened subjectivities’ with choreographer Melanie Kloetzel (Calgary University). Also working as a site artist for Tracing the Pathway’s ‘Groundwork’ project in Milton Keynes and with Threshold Studios on a ‘Storylines’ project as part of Digitalis in the same city.

Phil’s publications include Anywhere: a mythogeography of South Devon (2017), A Footbook of Zombie Walking and Walking’s New Movement (2015), On Walking and Enchanted Things (2014), Counter-Tourism: The Handbook (2012) and Mythogeography (2010).