Paul Seaman
analyst and PR consultant

Paul Seaman has worked in multinational boardrooms and environmental disaster zones managing corporate, crisis and product PR in countries as diverse as Switzerland, Nigeria and Ukraine.

Paul has spent 10 years in the City of London, most notably as head of media and parliamentary relations at the Council of Mortgage Lenders and 10 years in the energy sector for Ernst & Young, Switzerland. He has worked for UK trade associations, including spending six months onsite at Chernobyl in the mid-1990s.

Besides his extensive experience as a PR professional, Paul has a background in telecommunications as a researcher and entrepreneur. He currently works near Zurich as an analyst, PR adviser and writer for a range of clients concerned with conservation, sustainable development and other environmental concerns. Paul is co-founder and program manager of the Zurich Salon and the editor of 21st Century PR Issues. He is an occasional contributor to a range of newspapers and online magazines.