Niels-Arne Münch
columnist, translator; Pulse of Europe

Niels-Arne Münch was born 12 December 1972 and is politically active since the late 1980s. In the 1990s he was a member of several radical left-wing groups (Antifa, “Ökologische Linke”). After taking a break from active politics he joined the Pirate Party in 2011 and was a candidate at general elections for both the regional parliament of Lower Saxony and the Bundestag. Recently he organized the “Pulse of Europe”-movement in his hometown, Göttingen.

Sometimes he writes about political topics like free speech, the german “Leitkultur”-Debate or the muslim head scarf. His political interests are wide and include topics as diverse as biophysical economics, energy politics, identity politics or the critic of multiculturalism.

As a freelance translator, he is among others responsible for the german edition of Mary H. Kingsley’s Travels in West Africa and most recently Kenan Malik’s Multiculturalism an its Discontents.

He is married and has two children aged six and two.

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