Nick Meade
director of policy, Genetic Alliance UK

Nick Meade is director of policy at Genetic Alliance UK, a charity that brings together more than 200 third sector organisations providing patient support, information and funding for research. Genetic Alliance UK is also home to Rare Diseases UK (which campaigns on behalf of those affected by rare conditions) and SWAN UK (which supports families affected by ‘syndromes without a name’ of likely genetic origin).

Nick leads Genetic Alliance UK’s policy work, which focuses on research and innovation to facilitate progress towards cures and treatments for unmet health need. This work also focuses on the commissioning of healthcare services and access to therapies, on genetic testing and genomic technologies, and on reproductive choice.

Nick represents patients on panels and committees in the UK and Europe, in forums including NHS England, the UK Rare Disease Forum, the UK Genetic Testing Network, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, and the European Medicines Agency.

Follow Nick on Twitter: @GeneticAll_UK