Munira Mirza
director, HENI talks; former London deputy mayor; co-founder, AllInBritain

Munira Mirza is the Director of HENI Talks, a not for profit initiative to promote art history online. She has worked in the arts for 18 years and was deputy mayor for education and culture at the Greater London Authority between 2008-2016. She previously worked for a range of cultural and charitable organisations including the Royal Society of Arts, the independent think tank Policy Exchange, and Tate. In 2009 she completed her PhD in sociology at the University of Kent. Her book, The Politics of Culture: The Case for Universalism, was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2010. Munira is on the boards of the Royal Opera House and the Illuminated River Foundation. She recently co-founded the blog, AllInBritain which features new voices on the subjects of race, culture and politics.