Miranda Green
journalist; commentator; deputy editor of opinion pages, Financial Times; former Liberal Democrat advisor

Miranda Green is a journalist who specialises in politics and education. In 2018 she won the Comment Awards ‘Social Commentator of the Year’ for columns in the Financial Times. She is also a regular pundit including on Newsnight, The World Tonight and Sky News and was a regular on Andrew Neil’s This Week and BBC Radio4’s What The Papers Say. Miranda is currently back on the staff at the Financial Times as deputy editor of the opinion pages. She has also been a political and education correspondent for the paper, after stints on both the home and world news desks. She worked for the Liberal Democrats in the House of Commons from 1996- 2000, and was Paddy Ashdown’s press secretary during his last two years as leader of the party. She helped establish The Day, the first daily news publication for teenagers and schools, to encourage that age group to engage with and debate current affairs.


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