Michael Crowley
writer and dramatist; director, The Battle of Heptonstall; author, The Stony Ground; poet, First Fleet; artistic director, The Brutish Multitude Theatre Company

Michael Crowley is a writer and dramatist who has written for page, stage and radio. Most recently he was commissioned by Sky Arts to write and direct a large-scale community play on the English Civil War, The Battle of Heptonstall. His drama has been produced in London and the north; he has worked extensively in youth theatre and UK prisons and is artistic director of The Brutish Multitude Theatre Company.

His debut collection of poetry, First Fleet – on the 1788 penal settlement at Sydney Cove – was published on 2016 and his second collection will be published 2021. His first novel, The Stony Ground, was published last year. Michael has taught creative writing at Sheffield Hallam University and was writer in residence at HM Young Offender’s Institution Lancaster Farms between 2007 and 2013. He is also author of Behind the Lines, a textbook on criminology and the arts. He is a contributor to spiked on-line’s culture section and lives in West Yorkshire.

Follow Michael on Twitter: @michael1crowley


Saturday 2 November, 10:00 Level G Studio
What Where: Samuel Beckett, 30 years on

Sunday 3 November, 14:00 Conservatory
Sounding the alarm or crying wolf: have we lost our sense of perspective?