Max Sanderson
lead producer in audio, Guardian

Max Sanderson is the Guardian‘s lead producer in audio and an occasional writer and consultant, who specialises in science. Past work has featured on the Guardian, the National Geographic Channel, the Discovery Channel, the Huffington Post, Renegade Inc., BBC Radio 4, The World Service, and at the Barbican.

He helped create Science(ish) for Radio Wolfgang, before moving to the Guardian, where he oversees their audio output, as well as producing and executive producing various shows including ‘Science Weekly’, ‘A Neuroscientist Explains’, ‘Today in Focus’, and ‘Beyond the Blade’. Max has also produced and chaired debates and events at the Wigtown Book festival, the World Chemical Summit, New Scientist Live, Science Museum Lates, and Guardian Live.

Follow Max on Twitter: @maxjsanderson


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