Matthias Honegger
research associate, Perspectives Climate Research, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies

Matthias Honegger is dedicated to the democratic and sound governance of the climate change challenge. He works as an academic as well as a policy consultant.

A research associate with the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, he studies the interaction of divergent values and multiple social objectives in emergent climate policy topics – including Carbon Dioxide Removal to halt the rise in atmospheric CO2 concentration or the direct cooling of the planet via Solar Radiation Modification (or ‘geoengineering’).

An advisor with Perspectives Climate Group, he is exploring policy instruments and pathways to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement with a view to prevent rising climate impacts from overshadowing sustainable development in its entirety.

The climate change challenge touches on everything human and planetary. Declaring good intentions is no replacement for implementing effective policies, which all too often are held up by short-termism and entrenchment across common divisions: markets versus government, individual versus collective. An integrative thinker, trained in the investigation of human-environmental systems, Matthias believes in the power of jointly exploring goals, values and measures as prerequisite for meaningful policy.

Follow Matthias on Twitter: @HoneggerM


Saturday 23 November, 17:15 University of Applied Sciences Europe, Dessauer Str. 3-5, 10963, Berlin
How can we deal with the climate emergency?