Mark Taylor
vice-principal, East London Science School

Mark leads on academic achievement at ELSS, and has worked on many aspects of school leadership, including curriculum planning, conceptualising and implementing scholarly behaviour, teacher development, and subject knowledge. Mark recently initiated a programme for teachers to read and respond to great educational texts such as Rousseau’s Emile and Plato’s Republic.

Mark also runs the Great Books programme for ELSS pupils, which concluded with a residential study week at Columbia University and CUNY in New York last July. This international collaboration, partly inspired by his earlier PLATO student Conference, led to his completion of Liberal Arts for teachers, pupils and schools’ in the Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory (2017). Seeking to re-think the educational idea of the trivium, Mark recently collaborated with the University of Dallas to lead a teaching symposium on the grammar, rhetoric and logic of James Madison’s Federalist Paper 10 as a core text in American government.

Follow Mark on Twitter: @mrmarktaylor13


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