Mark Borkowski
founder, Borkowski PR; author, The Fame Formula: how Hollywood's fixers, fakers and star makers created the celebrity industry

Mark Borkowski is an acclaimed publicity specialist, writer, and lecturer on the art of fame building. Over a 30 year career he has established a range of major product and entertainment brands and has been named as one of PR Week’s 25 influential figures in the industry. He’s  worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin and Mikhail Gorbachev, launched Cirque du Soleil, created the first ever social media campaign (for the relaunch of Wispa), advised the heads of businesses such as Ticketmaster and Sony and managed crises for institutions such Universal Music and the English National Opera.

He is renowned for his inventive, stunt-driven campaigns, which PR Weeks has hailed as the ‘theatre of publicity’. His book on the pioneers of PR, The Fame Formula, was described by the Guardian as ‘a terrific witty romp  through the – often dirty – undies of the Hollywood fame factory and draws some interesting conclusions about modern-day celebrity culture’.

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