Lynne Davis
engagement lead, RSA Food Farming and Countryside Commission

Lynne Davis is leading the RSA Food Farming and Countryside Commission’s engagement program. The Commission’s unique engagement program is centred around open conversations that explore our relationship with place – the land and people that intertwine to create communities, build livelihoods and feed us all.

Lynne brings a diverse background to this panel. She spent three years living in a self-built house growing food and collecting spring water. She has worked with peasant and indigenous peoples within social movements and UN Humans Rights Processes. She has worked with urban and rural communities in grassroots food production and distribution projects. Lynne has a technical background developing software to assist food production and distribution and has experience navigating the EU and UK policy landscape. This experience has given her a unique perspective on the relationship we have with nature – as a culture and a species.

Follow Lynne on Twitter: @linndav


Sunday 14 October, 17:30 Frobisher Auditorium 2
Humanity and nature… it’s complicated