Lisa Graves
satirist; freelance graphic designer; artist; co-writer, Godfrey Elfwick

Lisa Graves is a satirist, visual artist, fine artist and graphic designer. For the past two years she has been co-writer of the infamous ‘Godfrey Elfwick’ character on Twitter, a satirical representation of ‘woke’ politics. He, or rather xe, identified as a ‘genderqueer Muslim atheist’ who was ‘born white in the #WrongSkin’. Elfwick was a brilliant caricature of the excesses of the left, but by goading those who took his pronouncements seriously was also able to expose the overreactions of the right.

At its height the Elfwick character reached over 70,000 followers on Twitter and was regularly cited in the national press. Recently, Elfwick has been permanently banned from Twitter, almost certainly for ideological reasons. Lisa has recently written about the circumstances leading to the ban for the Spectator.

Before Elfwick, Lisa ran her own comedic profile called ‘biscuitahoy’, which was featured in the Telegraph’s ‘Top 30 Funny People to Follow on Twitter’ and the Huffington Post’s ‘Ten Funniest Women on Twitter’. She has also written and produced artwork for various BBC social media accounts.