Lenore Skenazy
'America’s Worst Mom'; president, Let Grow; founder, Free-Range Kids book, blog and movement

Google ‘America’s Worst Mom’ and there you will find Lenore Skenazy.  The New York City newspaper columnist got that title after she let her nine-year-old ride the subway alone. In response to the massive media blowback, she founded the book, blog and movement, Free-Range Kids, which helped launch the anti-helicopter parenting crusade.

Lenore is now president of a new non-profit, Let Grow, which aims to restore resilience by fighting the push to overprotect. Her co-founder, Jonathan Haidt, believes college students would feel less fragile if they were given more freedom (even to screw up) as kids. Freedom is what Lenore gives them. Her feisty belief that ‘there’s no reason kids today can’t do everything their parents did as kids’ is somehow shocking, and has landed her chat show appearances across the world. She has spoken at Microsoft, DreamWorks, the Sydney Opera House, and – oddly enough – the Bulgarian Happiness Festival,  as well as at schools and conferences worldwide.  She also hosts the reality show, World’s Worst Mom.

A graduate of Yale, Lenore lives in New York City with her husband and her beloved computer. Her sons have flown the coop (which is lucky for ‘proof of concept’ purposes, but she misses them).

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