Latifa Akay
director of education, Maslaha; board member, Inclusive Mosque Initiative

Latifa Akay is director of education at the charity Maslaha. She is currently leading a pilot project in primary schools exploring the potential to positively impact pupil outcomes through culturally and socially relevant teaching pedagogy and curriculum, and greater engagement between communities and schools.

Latifa formerly led on Maslaha’s gender equality work, developing a digital education resource on Islamic Feminisms, and spearheading Muslim Girls Fence, an initiative using the sport of fencing to challenge stereotypes of and build resilience among Muslim girls.

She is also a board member of the Inclusive Mosque Initiative, a UK-based collective working to provide a space for the promotion and practice of an inclusive Islam.

Latifa holds an LLM in Human Rights, Conflict and Justice from SOAS University and an LLB in Law with Politics from Queen’s University, Belfast.

She previously worked as a news correspondent in Istanbul and her articles have been published in, among others, the Guardian and the Scotsman newspapers. She has featured as a guest on Radio 2’s Good Morning Sunday, Radio 4 and others.

Follow Latifa on Twitter: @LatifaAkay