Kevin Passmore
professor of history, Cardiff University; author, Fascism: A Very Short Introduction

For most of his academic career, Kevin has specialized principally in the history of the right and extreme right in France during the Third Republic and Vichy years (1870). He has also written on the history of fascism in Europe, notably on its gender dimension. His other specialism is the history of historical writing and historical methods. Kevin brings these two fields together in his work on fascism, where his special interest lies in the way historians use definitions such as fascism. He argues that the search for the ‘correct’ definition of fascism is futile, and that debates about what fascism is often confuse properly historical questions with moral issues, and lead to a problematic view of the way that academics can contribute to political debate.

Since 2014, Kevin has been the Leverhulme Trust Major Fellow, researching and writing a book on the cultural, social, and political history of the Maginot Line.

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