Kevin McConway
emeritus professor of applied statistics, The Open University; former academic adviser, More or Less, Radio 4

Kevin McConway retired from a chair in applied statistics at the Open University in 2016. He taught statistics to several generations of students there, as well as researching in many areas including ecology and evolution, citizen science, the public perception and understanding of risk, the role of statistics in the media, health service management, and theoretical and practical decision analysis. For eleven years he was academic adviser to the Radio 4 programme More or Less on numbers in the news, and he was a vice-president of the Royal Statistical Society from 2012 to 2015. Since his retirement, he has failed to relax, and continues to work with the UK’s Science Media Centre in aiming to improve the reporting of statistical research in the media, with the Royal Statistical Society on helping the public understanding of statistical ideas, and elsewhere, and he has recently been lead author of a chapter for a forthcoming report from the Chief Medical Officer on pollution and health. Before joining the Open University, Kevin worked in the University of London and in local government, and he has degrees from Cambridge in mathematics, University College London in statistics, and the Open University in psychology and in management.

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