Karl Sharro
architect, satirist and commentator on the Middle East

Karl Sharro is an architect, satirist and commentator on the Middle East. He is known online as Karl reMarks, the director of the fictional Institute of Internet Diagrams.

Karl has written for a number of international publications and organisations, such as the Independent, The Sunday Times, Foreign Policy, Politico, The Atlantic, The Globe and Mail, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Creative Time Reports, Vice, Index on Censorship, and Die Presse. He is also the author of Style: In defence of Islamic Architecture and co-author of Manifesto: Towards a New Humanism in Architecture.

He has spoken on a range of issues such as art, architecture, urbanism and politics, at MoMA, the Barbican, Internazionale Ferrara and many others. He presented his argument for open borders in a TedX talk in London in 2011 and an argument for removing planning constraints and allowing people to build whatever they want in BBC Radio 4 Four Thought broadcast.

He wrote and presented the ‘simple one-sentence explanation for what caused ISIS’, a short video produced with Channel 4. His idea for a ‘1000 Mile-City’ along the East Mediterranean coast was broadcast on the BBC’s This Week’s World as part of the ‘Think Again’ strand, exploring radical ideas for the future.

Follow Karl on Twitter: @KarlreMarks