Jude Howell
professor of international development, LSE; author, Governance in China; co-author, In Search of Civil Society. Market Reform and Social Change in Contemporary China

Jude Howell is professor of international development at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE). She was director of the ESRC Research Programme on Non-Governmental Public Action and former director of the Centre for Civil Society at the LSE (2003-2010). She has written extensively on issues relating to civil society, development, security, gender and governance, and on China in particular. She has conducted research in China, India, Mozambique, Kenya, and Afghanistan.

She is series editor of a new book series on Non-Governmental Public Action published by Palgrave Press, in which her book The Global War on Terror, Aid and Civil Society (with Jeremy Lind), 2009, appears. Her other recent books include Civil Society Under Strain: Counter-terrorism policy, civil society and aid post-9/11, 2010, Kumarian Press, Gender and Civil Society (co-edited with Diane Mulligan) 2005, Routledge, Civil Society and Development (co-authored with Jenny Pearce) 2002, Lynne Rienner Inc, .and Governance in China, 2004, Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Inc.. With Gordon White and Shang Xiaoyuan she co-authored In Search of Civil Society. Market Reform and Social Change in Contemporary China, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1996. Her current research interests include the nature of Chinese aid, the securitisation of aid and civil society, welfare provision and non-governmental public action in China.